Liu's classmates mother - at Columbia University

At once, the daughter enrolled in Columbia University for nearly a month. During this time, I had a nervous, there have been concerns. Because I don't know what she will be in the attitude to meet her new life, and I don't know how long will it take to get her to adapt to this life. But let me feel relieved is several times with her daughter's remote communication, I can from her manners between feel she can attend for a share of the world famous universities. Want to come too, attend ivy league school's daughter has long been a dream, and I also can realize their dreams for their daughter feel very gratified.

Daughter application has now come to an end. But idle down, I will still often thought that those lovely blue flowers from the application for a period of time, think of the daughter of noble life, through the education of teachers. Is that they, in the daughter to apply for feel perplexed and confused about when to give her daughter the warmest careful help and the most professional guidance. Orientation changes to resume from the school, to document writing from the choice of professional guidance, daughter are lucky enough to get the teacher's most precious advice. Still remember the teacher repeatedly with daughter video as far afield as the United States, daughter took pains to listen to it over and over again the bottom of my heart the most real voice, led her little by little, his daughter's past experience into a vivid story, his daughter into a three-dimensional can touch the real man. So when the spring of 2015 just step into our home, my daughter has successively received at Cornell university, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins university, Georgetown university, tufts university, university of New York as the school admission notice. In the words of daughter, is not a taste of a rejection letters, this is what a professional guidance!

Daughter said, through the teachers is to own life mentor. Because with the help of the teachers, daughter didn't have the world first-class school accept education opportunities, I believe such valuable education resources will let her daughter grow up faster and better!