Ielts preparation three stages and reinforce the sprint go step by step

  Generally speaking, if you decided to take the ielts test - this decision is best than a year to a year or so in advance the date of going abroad, you need to do to prepare for next work shall be carried out in a divided into three steps: foundation, strengthening, the sprint.

  The first step: basic stage

  Ielts is the world recognized as the most authoritative language testing system, involved in listening, speaking, reading and writing the four language skills, consider very comprehensive and fair, all the thoughts and actions of the opportunistic is doomed to failure, therefore the examinee must first correct his mind: to test good ielts, must first learn English well.

  There will be candidates said: I am no better than this more than ten years of English, must take a test now, how to do, how to learn English well in a short period of time? This is indeed a problem, because we all know the proverb Rome wasn 't built in a day (Rome wasn't built in a day/Rome is not build in a day), but let's change a perspective on the issue: over the past ten years, how do we learn English? We have the best way to learn? In fact, in the next few months, or more than a year of time, scientific arrangement, if we study hard, actually language ability is can have a huge breakthrough, therefore we must not lose confidence, only need to conscientious groundwork, strictly follow a reasonable plan, steadfast walk the first step.