My child with a foreign language, the toefl test the SAT, but now encountered bottleneck. Excuse me, do you have any effective solution?

The SAT and toefl classes give students is largely examination method, this tutorial is often through the form of topic naval battle. Topic naval warfare to let the students to understand various questions get, and avoiding the topic and problem solving skills through practice. So, attend cram finish, it is better to test immediately, performance is relatively better. The most critical problem but the topic naval warfare is take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, general students "take an examination of the left" phenomenon, this will not only reduce the learning efficiency, and the bottleneck problems.

Toefl in language skills, the article structure, cultural background on the requirements of the relatively lower, the exam is a daily communication, in order to ensure that students have the ability to communicate at least. But SAT, ACT on the learning ability of students, the examination questions will involve writing technique, structure, way of thinking, logic, technique, culture background, etc. If you don't know these, light back words, it is hard to get the good grades, and that's why we often see bottlenecks.

So on some of its original flavor native language literacy class in America is a must. These programs let you no longer stay in every word or sentence, but let you in architecture, writing method, logic, social and political, and cultural background to understand the meaning of the title, and gets high marks.