The sole growth program

  • Grade 9

    Initial Stage

    Mathematical ability training, this to want to major in engineering and business professional sketch is particularly important. Mathematical ability is in the application level of children logical thinking, ability to learn a very important audit standards.

  • Grade 10

    Running period

    Social activity ability, is the most easy to ignore the Chinese children's part, also is the weakest link in the application process. Admission, all colleges and universities in the United States will review the children to participate in social activities, and participation in depth. The application process show children uniqueness of key points.

  • Grade 11

    Accelerated phase

    Academic achievement and social activity ability, comprehensive assessment of the integrity of the application materials and leak fill a vacancy. Do the sprint for the application materials.

  • Grade 12

    Sprint Period

    The information integration, how to prepare reaction of children for many years to finally application report, is the last step of the application to the ideal school, also is the most important step.

  • Undergraduate

    Mature period

    During the period of university, children actively seek out and use professional counselling, can better adapt to the foreign life and learning, can we truly prepare for a career in advance.