Our task

Help and support to achieve the students abroad for further study of dreams is our goal. Through our carefully selected world-class education institutions, we believe that every student is worth having machine will succeed. In order to more realistically will enters a higher school student's ambition into specific objectives, we specially designed in any semester can give students entrance counseling personalized solutions.


Our model

Each student has its own unique interests, growing experience and talent. No matter is the overseas students to pursue, apply for school or to participate in volunteer service, our patent "elite model" designed to help students get their own success will vary from person to person. Through to the student academic achievement, leadership ability and the comprehensive analysis of self-awareness, our team will according to each student's specific conditions and the status of the individual goals to adjust service plan.
in the same way we will take a test the authenticity of the application materials to assist students universities screening of students eligible for admission. We with different levels of world academic institutions have established close cooperative relations, and thus become the best bridge between school and students.


Our commitment

We believe in the principle "truthfully show students and universities. Each institution is also like everyone, has its strengths. And we believe that based on our "elite model" can be a strong talent and skill of students. We opposed to fake personal background, more does not accept any fake certificates and transcripts.