Yu classmate's mother - Pace University SAT score is 1680

1. Relax and mentality of the children. To apply for American universities not as a one-time deal, as China's college entrance examination can have a variety of choices. Students with excellent performance can be prepared as soon as possible, for ED and EA, toefl, can students of average SAT scores submitted according to the normal rhythm, some schools also commit time is rolling, even miss ED, will also have the opportunity of ED2, even submit all not admitted, can also choose a community college, one year foundation course to better schools. Ideological baggage down, can calm the voucher.

2. And children together on ShenXue schedule, to determine each phase of the mission. Mark the test time, ShenXue action, parents children together as a standard action.

3. As far as possible, of course, fight for good grades in the exam, but don't have to stick to. Americans pay more attention to the comprehensive development, academic activities to participate in a lot of, have a child to participate in the organization and the creative activity is better.

4. "school required all kinds of copy, to let the children themselves to write, write your own feelings, write oneself characteristic content. To make full use of all need to be written in the ComApp space, as much as possible to the admissions officer to show characteristics of the children. These document must have experience please study abroad adviser amendments, it is very important.

5. Have the courage to challenge the so-called top schools, abandon, choose the school children like, bold a scrap. Besides, let the children themselves to get interviews, through the face-to-face communication, fully display their characteristics, leave impression to the admissions officer. As we now say,, must have a dream, one thousand achieved?

6. In the process, the choice of an experienced and trusted advisers is crucial. On the one hand, responsible consultants will calm down and children about his idea, capture the characteristics of the copywriter targeted Suggestions are put forward.