Different universities may seek different qualities that foster their different cultures, but every university desires a few essential characteristics in each student. With this in mind, we offer our consulting services that aim at improving students holistically, from Academics to their Leadership skills and their Identity recognition(ALI, or the Ali Model).

Our specially designed Alice Model emphasizes these three spheres to help students improve holistically, for themselves and with regard to a university’s expectations. No matter what your strengths may be, we can help you further them and showcase your efforts.

ALI Model——
A--……Academic Achievement
L--……Leadership Display
I --……Identity

Academic Achievement

Challenging, College-level Courses

Colleges admire students willing to challenge and push themselves beyond what’s expected by taking courses that introduce them to new, complex theories past the scope of an ordinary high school curriculum.    


The grade point average indicates your average grades over your high school career. Universities generally extrapolate certain qualities such as dedication and perseverance through this number.

Standardized Testing

The ACT/SAT Reasoning Test, the SAT Subject Tests, and AP/IB exams serve as standardized benchmarks for institutions to evaluate prospective students and their readiness for college-level work.

Class Rank

Universities weigh class rank less heavily due to apparent differences in quality of various high schools. Nonetheless, your ranking indicates your ability to perform at a high level relative to your peers, noting competitiveness or desire for high standards.

Leadership Display

Community Service

Universities appreciate students who serve their communities, as they tend to be involved, active, and importantly, caring.

Extracurricular Accomplishments

From a student’s duration and degree of participation in various clubs and external activities, institutions can see an individual’s dedication to a cause or a lasting personal interest.

Besides many other ways also can achieve mining and exercise their own leadership, need according to the students' interest in personal and special skills, as long as the intention to participate in, even a little "little things", for the student's own change force is also cannot be ignored.


Letters of Recommendation

Our teachers often see what we don’t about ourselves. Your recommendations play a significant part, as universities want students that are active in discussions and contribute to the classroom positively.


Students spend much of their time on this part of their application, and for good reason – it’s the only part they have complete control over. It’s an opportunity for them to showcase who they are as people and not just statistics. Institutions want to see students who take the essay as an opportunity and not an obstacle – from this, they then select the ones who would fit best into a certain place’s culture.

In addition to teaching teacher's recommendation letter, ShenXue consultant teacher recommended also and its significant role in the college application process. With ShenXue adviser teacher's prestige and for students to fully understand and write letters of recommendation, can let the university in the United States found that student's special.

"ALI elite training mode", the three elements of the American university looking for outstanding students. With the model of the actual operation, we provide the United States education resources, introduced the "instinctive" ShenXue consultant, to the concept of elite education personal growth plan.

Because universities seek students that excel in these three categories, we’ve developed the ALI Model to help students meet and surpass these institutions’ expectations. After an initial consulting session from which we can understand a student’s current status, we construct possible options that give the student the best chance at success. Be it SAT boot camps or unique opportunities at community service, essay editing or general advice about courses, we’re here to help.