Your study abroad ready to start?

   When multiple applications, whether you feel instantly liberation, only school? Actually a war ends, another war began. To get the offer is to study the "upgrade to play blame" is officially started, then there is a lot of way to go. So now just want to look at with small make up application of prepared!!!!

   To apply for the dormitory

   With the domestic colleges and universities students live in the dormitory, almost all foreign university dormitory resources only to undergraduate college freshmen and students, the basic number is limited, still need to be booked and paid the deposit. Foreign dormitory is divided into several kinds, suites, single rooms, double rooms are common, the applicant can find the appropriate information in the website, or ask the dormitory management office staff for the condition of different quarters, such as the size of the basic furniture, bed structure, whether to have independent toilet and bathroom, and so on, choose to suit their own dormitory.

   Abroad, live in school dormitory is much higher than the price of the price of renting living near the campus, this and the domestic situation is the opposite. Of course, accommodation will be many better than domestic university dormitory. Live in university dormitories are often need to book Meal Plan, long holiday will need to move luggage, it also cause some inconvenience to life, the need to consider when applying for.

   Most schools will be sent to the applicant a questionnaire, mainly about living habits, hobbies, etc., in advance, contact the dormitory administrator may also obtain the contact way of the future roommate, before sharing knowledge and understanding each other. A few colleges and universities allow the applicant choose your own roommate, but generally does not allow the applicant to live with students from the same countries, mainly in order to expand the field of vision, rich communication, creating a diverse environment.