The concept of different

edulink has always been does not think that study abroad service simply analysis and fill out a form, let the child into what is known as a highly ranked "elite schools". Study abroad is the child grow the important step. To apply for a suitable for children's school is also a rare opportunity to improve learning. Through the entrance is at the core of beauty to accompany children grow up together, teach them how to think, how strong, how to choose a suitable for their own prosperity. Through beauty have long believed that enter a famous university, and is not the end of the children grow up, but they enter society, toward the beginning of independent learning life. With other "line", "fast food type" than study abroad service mediation, through the profound guidance idea for children to grow up in.

Different service resources

edulink to provide every child two tutors (Chinese and English teachers each one) and a project management teacher all-the-way tracking. Through the team all tutors have American universities postgraduate or doctoral degree, both in the United States has more than 15 years of relevant working experience. Team in both the world top 500, senior director, also has the American society for international admission qualification education experts and international education exchange program manager. Years of cross-cultural living and working experience and extensive contacts, make our mentoring program "use" finally to achieve. Through the beauty has the certification of college application coaching qualification, is the member of the association of American university admissions.

Different ways of service

edulink is not to the technician. Through the combination of each child and parents will, analyze their own advantages, integration of all children campus off-campus resources, tailored for children a to belong to their own application. Compared with other application solutions, through the United States more value from their own resources, as well as our professional analysis, reach the child in the process of application for the purpose of continuous learning and growth. Through the United States looking for just a scheme for the child, but a child's growth plans.

Different service depth and breadth

Through beauty provide mentoring program, the growth of four years of the plan in detail to each for a long period of time after school time for kids design growth plans and learning arrangements. Through beauty has a complete service conditions, providing children with a high gold content of the letter of recommendation, after the filing of an interview for the child and scholarship application ideas, the greatest degree for the child to enter the escort for their school.