edulinx apply for tutoring steps

1know: After parents and EduLinx, fill out the two screening questionnaire, a filled out by students, a filled out by the parents, plus provide transcripts, standardized test scores, and writing samples. EduLinx do compatibility evaluation according to the student information, decide whether to accept entrust.

2Communication: the chief teacher and the students' parents deep communication, and then combined with the questionnaire information, puts forward a preliminary school professional direction, as well as the service fee.

3Parents confirmed: audit EduLinx preliminary scheme, modify opinions, and chief teacher again communication, determine the preliminary schools list and service fees, and sign the contract and pay fees. Under a tutor for advice at the same time, to list all apply for schools, lists the application date, and the general application requirements, as well as special application requirements, the understanding of the school to do a careful study of the application, the adjustment and confirmation.

4Application: the student to carry on the online registration, application and fill out personal information such as basic application process. Students write the Activity List, and the first draft of the Essay, the teacher review, and students and common conception, modification scheme is put forward. The two sides to cooperate, repeated many times, know EduLinx chief teacher standard, and pour into application system. Other application materials, transcripts, recommendation letters, etc. The student is responsible for the extraction or to apply for the school. EduLinx in case of need, tutor to write letters of recommendation.

5Review: the student preliminary review the entire application materials, submit the teacher review, eventually chief review by the teacher, submit an application by the students.

6Improve: after the application submission EduLinx may recommend students and part of the school to interview, access, make contact with the school admissions office, in the form of mail to improve admission opportunity.