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To sum up in one word the key to getting into a top school, I would venture differentiation." Good grades and high test scores may be a prerequisite, but they do not tell much to an admissions co

Harvard University Sam Wu

Getting into a great university requires you to be well-rounded. It’s so important to be involved in everything, from academics to community service to clubs to sports to music. But it’s not just abou

Dartmouth University Casey Wu

The most important factor in getting into a good university is to show consistency throughout your application. Establish who you are and show that you are passionate about your interests.

Johns Hopkins University Crystal Lee

I believe that some of the factors of getting into a top university, first and foremost, are your extracurricular activities, awards, and essays. Through these, universities have a better glimpse of t

Columbia University Vivian Mao

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Thank you first through the teachers give me help, in fact, as a native Chinese students, we sometimes it's hard to jump out the "circle" -- people around view of application, mastery of

Duke university GU classmates

For me, 2015 is a harvest year, nor to one year. In mid-february, I got it from Cornell university applied economics and management on the first letter of admission notice, I still remember the moment

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