GU classmates

school: Duke university

Thank you first through the teachers give me help, in fact, as a native Chinese students, we sometimes it's hard to jump out the "circle" -- people around view of application, mastery of American university and region. For how to say or to the Chinese, hard to avoid in the American candidate scale grasp the far-left, or far-right problems on this problem. In my case, because I think the cultural differences of China and the United States before one of the main point is that the Chinese too particular about modesty, so I naturally think in my application letter should highlight the "self" this factor to attract the attention of the American - describe how my own good, not taboo to praise myself. : actually, I feel myself on this issue made the far-left problem, and the teacher said that point I quite agree with: don't let your presentation is as a whole in the kua itself without reserve, writing team, writing problems and solutions, so as to let the person you look better, more complete. In fact, this is I want to write to the first part, through beauty is to your advantage is that you can understand American culture, and at the same time these cultural differences can be expressed in the form of with Chinese people can understand. Though this mysterious culture, but I think application process is actually a kind of mutual recognition, both academically and culturally. In addition, I think through the teachers in many details of kung fu let me very moved up and down, such as CV will help me very carefully, pick out even express what do you think of the sentences, such as unreasonable believe that for any non-native English children can get this help is precious. I am in zhejiang university campus also has written a Cover letter, I have no secret there used the zhejiang university Logo as a header, but I really never thought an informal staff use this Logo can produce problems, remind you to avoid the accident me of an application.