Liu's classmates

school: Columbia University

For me, 2015 is a harvest year, nor to one year. In mid-february, I got it from Cornell university applied economics and management on the first letter of admission notice, I still remember the moment, open the mail my heart surges of words can't describe the kind of joy and excitement. In march, I have been received at Columbia University, John Hopkins university, New York university, tufts university, Vanderbilt university, Georgetown university and George Washington university admission notice. Can walk into a world-class university has always been my dream, dream has now in the bloom in spring. Look back through this journey, hard and grateful. I know you have been efforts were not in vain, I to better understand the achievements obtained, without a lot of encourage and help. Especially since always support encourages and gives me careful guidance through the tutors, let I walked many detours less in confusion. I would like to put my share the experience with the later students, expect everyone to be full of harvest, to be able to come true.

Speak of the application, I think most students started preparing for the examination. I started formally in June 2014 to prepare the GRE test yet. In the process of preparation, I a few words, made about 7 to 8 sets of simulation. The end of August I have attended the GRE test, take an examination of 320 points. This is a result which may be embarrassing, because Chinese students are good at the test, results are generally in the 320 +, or even 330 +. My grades are not outstanding, when their own idea is to bury oneself prepare for two months, the end of October to retake. But have to apply for season, all kinds of paperwork hasn't started, the in the mind very worried, also very confused. I talk to tutor my idea, through the tutor clear told me that this kind of exam is hard to pop out in a short period of time, you take the exam could be tall, a few minutes, but will not have a qualitative change, I should start as early as possible to choose school, professional, and other materials, can't put main energy on the GRE, attend, adverse to apply instead. Facts have proven that tutor suggestion is completely correct, if you take the exam again, I insist to the end of October the GRE, there would be no later modified personal statement and prepare other materials. I'm glad to get the tutor timely guidance to me, let me little take a detour. As tutor said, in China the entrance system, is basically a fractional theory, and admission to the university students in the United States, is a applicants through a comprehensive investigation of various conditions. Admitted to universities and colleges should not only from the quantitative indicators to examine applicants, but also combined with the study motive, study or working experience is to structure the whole picture of the applicant, the quantification of conditions. Therefore, when going to apply for, don't cry because it is the pursuit of high test scores, and delayed time to prepare other application materials, do more harm than good.

In the whole application season, need to invest more energy is ready to resume and personal statement. For the first draft of my resume, tutors think the sentence I wrote is too fuzzy, can't let the admissions officer immediately paint my picture clearly. Tutor to teach my method is to resume the sentence should follow the model of CAR is the Cause of Action - the Result of the train of thought, to find a way to "quantitative" everything, it will make your experience more concrete, let people know what you have done.

If the role of the resume is to express the experience of the applicant, then the personal statement is to express the thought, character and ability. I still clearly remember the first time that tutors and my communication. I had just finished my first personal statement, it seems to be a longer version of the resume, most descriptions can be simplified as: "what have I done..." , "I won..." , "I have a..." . So tutors at me after the first edition of documents give me put forward the following Suggestions: instrument is very good, but the personal statement not to repeat the content of your resume; Documents more like tearing his voice your past achievements, the lack of details to impress admissions officers; No matter how good your background, good story should be the core of your personal statement, because everyone likes to hear the story, the story of the common humanity is through the culture express your thoughts and feelings of strength. For the first time and through the have finished tutors, inspired me. I began to try to add more resumes in each story of the details.

The teacher taught me how to put the stories permutation and combination, forming a logical, correct ideas flowing personal statement. Tutors with her mature experience to give me time and time again careful guidance, my personal statement also gradually forming plump, and get the favour of the school. Also the guidance of tutor taught me too much, now I know, score full marks, rich internship is impressive, but be able to apply for these universities, which is not good? The key is how to describe the story of his full, moved to read your story, let the admissions officer feels refreshing, expectation, and this is obviously the most important step in the course of application. ?

Today, when the letter of admission is put in front of me, I once again facing choices. Let I touched of is, tutors help me again and again give me many lodges constructive Suggestions. I have decided to go to Columbia University for further study, it is a new starting point, I will work harder.

Above is my personal experiences and feelings in the process of application, writing to share with you, hope to people who want to go abroad for further study and I don't know where to start with a little help from their classmates.