Iris's father - California Berkeley university admissions

Finishing, kicked the door of the Berkeley increase!

"Iris, you only have a week or more time to apply for uc Berkeley!" In late December last year, in the face of introduced himself did not write a word the little girl, I am upset them. Iris know a brilliant introduction to the university to apply for how important it is, she has the subject matter, but not in hand, a lack of confidence.

More than two years ago it was through the tutors to guide our eldest daughter, Helena writing introduce yourself! Then through the tutor after careful analysis of Helena resume according to her tennis expertise and experience to guide her to write an article about her on the tennis court self-perfection course learning, growing, and introduce yourself. More important is through the tutor cleverly introduce themselves writing and Helena more than seven hundred hours of community service connecting up! A not only care about their own skills improve more willing to use my tennis specialty services community, give back to society's enthusiastic girl from the page. So how to introduce yourself not every move the heart of recruit students teacher? ! Six universities increase system successively sent admission notice! SAT scores from ideal Helena finally surprised everyone attended the university of California, Berkeley. Through the tutor rich professional knowledge, counselling well, guide the right-hand man. She knew the students psychology, good at using positive encouragement way, to maximize the potential to discover students' writing, write a different from the "I".

The face only ten days of the deadline, the work is busy calendar beauty tutor remains confident, coaching on Iris began to strict and efficient to introduce myself. If through the tutor self-introduction writing guide to Helena to enter universities for further study is complete impossible task, so want to write an excellent coach lris introduction the difficulty of more so. Why do you say so? Here we apply a large common saying is "time is tight, the task is heavy, difficult". Seven days time it tight. Task because through beauty tutors not only to guide the writing direction and guide the architecture, but also help Iris confident writing to introduce myself. Iris was once mistakenly think that like her such a trophy nothing special, no competition, 3 without 3 without Asian students leader experience even next higher GPA and SAT scores again good an opportunity to enter the famous universities are slim, this led to her not to in preparation for the SAT phase. Although lris understand after a profound, theme clear idea and conception of unconventional self-introduction boarding school halls all the more important to oneself, but helpless one! This is the difficulty of lies! Iris is not only the bitterness and gradually lose confidence, even we often to contemplate the "what to write? What to write about? What can one learn from it?" Such problem and insomnia.

When Iris seek through the tutors what 3 without professional help students, what the top five percent students SAT score was not good enough, what is not all of these can't be through the tutor accept Iris request. Through the tutor at the first time also passed a message to lris is "do you have enough time and ability to write a good introduction". In the next few days through the tutor by Email lris very targeted guidance. First of all, through the tutor asked lris according to our thinking is not care about perfect or not write a self-introduction. Designed's sake, the intention of the teacher is not in self introduction itself, is that it reveals the lris from life to the thought of all kinds of information, in the lris messy article without experienced, discerning through beauty tutor quickly find "qiaofu" lris bitter not find "m" - lris with black girls the friendship between the samaya. Then through the tutor in encouraging way to guide the lris writing direction. Familiar and intimate theme and through the tutor of the original show that lris to write it with ease. So the application deadline, Iris narrowly missed submitted to introduce myself.

After a few months we have a chance to read the lris to introduce myself. We are not reading a cookie-cutter same boring self-introduction, we are more like reading a touching story, in a youth inspirational movies! Story tells the story of two come from different ethnic groups, have different cultural background and sincere friendship between different character of the girls, but it is from the side to let people know lris to balance between Chinese and western cultural impact on their own efforts, to seek self-worth and desire to explore the future life. Read the lris introduction we can not help but ask university is to help young people and the place of study?

In our older daughter packed into Berkeley surprise scene again increase the gate after two years, "3 without" lris students also received six increase at admission, including the school books! Honor to be sister lris's alumni. Go Bears!

Who has a golden key? And who is our two daughter opened the door Berkeley increase "simple"? - the Midas touch through the tutor also!

Finally, I want to say is, through the tutor in the process of tutoring, to be able to find daughters markers with wisdom and love, and let me know more about Mr Children, parent-child relationship more harmonious.

Every child is unique angel, hope to have more children with the help of beauty through the tutors, realize a dream to open a wonderful life.