Horse classmate's father - the University of Washington ACT29 points at the University of Washington

"First of all, parents should guide children to do something for studying abroad psychologically, common sense, the concept of preparation. Because of foreign higher education idea, pattern, etc and are quite different in China, such as their general education, pay attention to sports, pay attention to personality, etc., by reading some books, on this information, make yourself and your children to establish these basic ideas, and the children together, so that we can slowly to help the child establish the general understanding of university and college education abroad, such as what they encourage, like what kind of qualities of students, the future of the university life will be what kind, etc. This should be a gradual process of osmosis, started this two or three years ahead of the best prepared.

Followed by the children what major to choose, of course, this depends on the child's interest, but most of the time children their own understanding of the professional is one-sided and perceptive, they not know what exactly is a professional do, learn what content, can do in the future. By looking for some information to share, to the child makes him child on the tendency of rich professional choose to have a comprehensive understanding, rather than a noun. Perhaps, in this understanding, her choice will change, but in the end in this way, professional orientation and selection, should be more rational.

Again, is to set some goals and children school, the sooner the better, can according to the various aspects of information, including children own propensity, grade level, professional interests, and school information, through the website school of all kinds of information, ideas, etc., can also by the people around, intermediary company, or to participate in all kinds of exhibition and so on. Can even have time to attend a school summer camp, can more clearly understand their school, also can apply for to add some points for their future.

And most important, is not absolutely dependent on intermediary company to complete all the application content. Parents in the process of actual application, should also act as a project manager role, help children to put the whole list of things to complete in the course of application, and indicate the time needs to be done, and urge the child in strict accordance with the schedule of the plan to complete each task, this will make the whole application process easy and orderly, not chaotic. "