Activity 1

Do you in work and life there is such a demand --

Participate in discussion of a job, need to own a phrase or eloquence ability to persuade the other party

Training and publicity activities to demonstrate his idea

Election and inauguration, perfectly express the mood when he won the prize

, or you just need to prove himself in the invincibility of eloquence and thinking

Above, is established around the stove activities, and we each member wants to achieve success.

Around the stove was founded in the end of 2014, is a non-profit eloquence training activities of netizens spontaneously, through improvised speech training speech, debate, and other forms, materials and inspire members in strange speech ability and stress environment, and carries on the review on the spot by other members, promote each other. Activity purpose is to give the members of the eloquent and speech ability needs a training environment, and through each other and help each other improve way.

At around the stove, we have regular weekly topic, need you around a theme speech; Are also free to play, you recently read the article or speech, or of social politics, or you can bring the work content, we believe that our friend can give you better advice, give you a shot.

To increase activity fun, night activities this year added six management each link, to attend the activities of the friends all can find suits own position, there's "a strange upgrade" sense of achievement